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How To Buy The Perfect Bedding Set

There are many different bedding sets available on the market today. Gone are the days when the only choices were hard, harder and hardest as the type of bedding set you could choose from. Today there are many different bedding materials available and many, many different manufacturers.

Before you begin to even shop at stores for a bedding set, you might consider spending time online to look at all the different kinds of bedding sets that are available. Spend time looking at the different manufacturer websites and look at the different types of construction that you have to choose from.

For example, different types of sleepers have different types of sleeping needs. If you are a side-sleeper, then you most likely enjoy a softer bed. Latex beds are some of the softest types of beds available on the market today. However, if you are a back-sleeper, you might enjoy are harder bed and a traditional coil spring bed might be just the ticket for you.

In many cases, people shift frequently when they sleep. If you are someone that sleeps on both your back and your sides and then shifts to your stomach, you may find that the most comfortable bed for you is a bed that will shift and change with you during the night. In this case, you might prefer an adjustable bed with an inner air coil.

No matter what type of sleeper you are, once you have an idea of what types of beds there are available for your sleep style, then you will be ready to go to the store and start trying out different types of bedding sets. Soon you will be sleeping in the comfort of your own home in your new bedding set.

Should I buy a summer down or silk comforter?

Summer Down vs Silk Comforter

Down. Silk. Down. Silk. Which one has the best summer weight? At this point, you want to go with a down comforter summer filled with synthetic fibers. Don't. Synthetic fibers may not be as luxurious or comfortable. A summer down comforter in silk also keeps you cool in the spring and fall. It's a perfect southern weight down comforter (70+ ° F). On the other hand, a Hypodown lightweight down comforter also has a perfect down comforter summer weight. So which do you choose?

Some hints:

  • Silk is cooling, but down insulates you from warm air.
  • Silk adjusts to your body temperature more easily than down, and won't make you sneeze.
  • High loft high fill power down with a high thread count cotton cover will circulate air easily in summer, spring and fall.

Don't agonize over your silk or down comforter summer weight, and don't automatically choose synthetic fibers. Winter, spring, summer, or fall, you deserve the ideal weight down comforter.

What is a summer down comforter?

Summer Down Comforters

Is it hot in here or is it your heavy down comforter? If you live in California, in the tropics, or in the high humidity summers of the East Coast, you need to have a down comforter summer version. A summer down comforter is like summer clothes--it's meant to be an extra-lightweight down comforter. You don't want an extra heavy weight down comforter with extra down in summer or in balmy climates.

You want a lightweight down comforter with less down. If the temperature drops during those long summer nights or in winter, use a lightweight fleece throw blanket with your summer down comforter. That way, you can stow the blanket when the nights heat up amd still keep your lightweight down comforter. Now you don't have to move from your warm environs, and you can have a perfect long hot down comforter summer.

Is hyperclean down lightweight for all seasons?

Lightweight Hyperclean Down

Everyone ribs you about choosing hypoallergenic bedding. What they don't know is that a hypoallergenic down comforter is also a lightweight down comforter! Hyperclean down adds lightness to the normal weight down comforter--however, not all hyperclean down comforters are lightweight.

Check your Hyperclean hypoallergenic fill power--a heavy down comforter will have 650 fill power, and a lightweight down comforter with a sateen cover will probably have a 500-550 fill power. They'll still be winter weight, but won't make you feel as if you're in a blast furnace. It's a sure bet that your down comforter summer weight will be lightened because there's no heavy dust hitching a ride! So don't let anyone hassle you about choosing a hypoallergenic lightweight down comforter.

You can sleep snugly while they sneeze and sweat under the wrong weight down comforter.

Can I use coarse fabric with down bedding?

Don't Be Coarse

Egypitan cotton with goose down bedding is all the rage. Egyptian damask down comforter and bedding. Chinese silk-covered luxury down bedding. But your life demands more hardy fabrics. Will coarser materials make your white discount down bedding blush? You might want to slip on plastic fabric covers on your goose down bedding and mine your bedroom to keep pets and kids out. Coarser wool or cotton has a lower thread count.

While thread count isn't always a guarantee of quality, a higher thread count means the down comforter and bedding will be lighter and easier to care for. The down may climb to coarser fabric such as burlap or cotton with a thread count of 230 or below. So protect your luxury down bedding and discount down bedding. Keep it refined, and you won't have to blush at the mess coarser fabrics make.

What is the average winter weight ounce for a down comforter?

Down Comforter Heavy Weight Ounces

Great. You worry about how many ounces a serving size should be, and now you have to weigh how many ounces per cubic inch a heavy down comforter should be. While portions keep shrinking in a sensible diet, a heavy weight down comforter can still contain the maximum, as can a summer down comforter. Here are average winter weight down comforter dimensions in ounces per cubic feet. As you'll notice, heavy down comforters have higher numbers.

  • Twin comforters: 38 to 48-ounce fill
  • Full and Queen comforters: 39 to 64-ounce fill
  • King comforters: 44 to 84-ounce fill Arctic weight down comforter dimensions contain even higher-ounce down content.
  • Twin comforters: 36-ounce fill
  • Full comforters: 42-ounce fill
  • Queen comforters: 46-ounce fill
  • King comforters: 53-ounce fill
  • Super King or Cal King: 69-ounce fill

Now that probably confused you even more than keeping up portion sizes. It doesn't get any easier with a down comforter summer weight. But at least with weight down comforter dimensions, you can feel better knowing that you have the right size no matter what you choose--without worrying about calories and fat!

When can I use a medium weight as opposed to a heavy down comforter?

Medium vs Heavy Down Comforter

Lightweight down comforter. Heavy down comforter. Down comforter summer weight. Heavy weight down comforter. Isn't there a happy medium? And can the blissful medium tell you how to get an all-season comforter? The happy medium, her psychic powers refreshed from a night sleeping under a medium weight down comforter, will tell you that you need lighter fill power (550) in warmer climates as opposed to more fill power (900) in cooler climes.

A medium or all-season weight down comforter that is especially comfy in spring and fall will have a fill power of 600-650, and you can use it in mild climates. Your clairvoyant medium will give you a common-sense piece of advice: high-quality down can be heavy and yet create a lightweight down comforter at 800-900 fill power, so your heavy down comforter has winter warmth and cooling properties. Cross your medium's palm with gentle laundry detergent to wash her medium weight down comforter, and you too can be happy!


Where and When to Find Discounted Bedding

When shopping for bedding, you might want to look for discounted bedding in order to save quite a few bucks. You could, of course, waste a ton of valuable time and gas money going from store to store comparing sale prices, but who really wants to do that? Besides, doing that usually means that you really haven't saved any money by the time you figure in time and gas expenses.

Luckily, there is another way to find discounted bedding without as much hassle. Look online and compare prices instead. Many websites offer excellent selections of bedding at discount prices. Even your favorite stores sometimes offer discount prices and sales online that they do not offer in the actual store itself.

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