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What is the difference in size between a king size comforter and a queen size comforter?

Comforter Sizes

Standard Comforter Sizes are as follows:

Crib: Width 28-36 Inches & Length 46-52 Inches
Twin: Width 66-68 Inches & Length 86-88 Inches
Double: Width 81-84 Inches & Length 86-88 Inches
Queen: Width 86-88 Inches & Length 96-100 Inches
King: Width 102 Inches & Length 86-88 Inches
California King: Width 107-110 Inches & Length 96-98 Inches

Are toile comforter sets outdated?

Toile Comforter Sets

Toile. Some decorating experts and Internet newsgroup posters think toile is on its way out along with the Southwestern look. If you're the type that wouldn't be caught dead in passe or dated clothing, you probably won't want a comforter set in toile. Too much toile fabric covering too many pieces. Too risky! Good news for you if you like the feel and look of a toile bedding comforter set. You can have those pastoral French country scenes when you buy a toile discount comforter set.

Most toile fabrics are typically plain, except for the style known as toile de Jouy. You can choose a toile-inspired luxury comforter set such as the Hepburn Collection, which looks as classy as Kate or Audrey. However, if you want a genuine toile comforter set made with engraved plates or rollers, don't observe the predictions of toile doom. Buy a high-quality high-thread-count luxury comforter set.

Your toile comforter set is usually reversible, so you can change the look to a solid color. Lastly, don't believe all the experts or everything you read on the Internet. Toile looks great and is easy to care for. Any bedding you want to spend a third of your life with is automatically "in." But, thank goodness, the Southwestern look is still dated.

If I make my duvet cover, what fabrics do I choose?

Duvet Cover Fabrics

You're known as the Martha Stewart of sewing, so you scorn a duvet comforter set and decide to make your own discount duvet comforter cover. How do you choose material for a down comforter duvet cover? Here are some sew simple hints.

  • Use two equal-length home decorator fabric lengths to cover the front of the duvet and two more for the underside.
  • Don't run out to that fabric shop where they know you by name! If you have fancy embroidered sheets, use them for the top and solid plain sheets for the down side.
  • Rub the fabric against your skin. If you'd sleep underneath the fabric as a top sheet, use it.
  • Make sure patterns and prints line up.
  • Use washable fabrics, but be aware that 100 percent cotton is prone to shrinkage.
  • Buy inexpensive sheets to make an autumn- or Christmas-themed duvet comforter cover.

Keep your existing down comforter duvet cover in a mesh bag. Hmmm, you've created a beautiful duvet comforter set on your own. Perhaps Martha needs a new sewing expert!

Can I easily care for my jacquard comforter set?

Caring for a Jacquard Comforter Set

One look at the gold and burgundy patterns of a jacquard luxury comforter set and you might say, "Hit the road, Jack," even if you're buying a damask or brocade discount comforter set for $40. You're afraid that the raised stitching on the floral pattern requires too much care. News flash from your bedding tip experts:

  • Jacques is French for "James," and jacquard fabric was named after Joseph Jacquard, the inventer of a weaving process, not Jacques.
  • Jacquard brocade or damask fabric for your bed comforter set is usually made of polyester fiber fill and cotton that you can dry-clean or machine-wash cold.

The pillow shams, bed skirt, and comforter in your jacquard luxury comforter set deserve careful handling, but you don't have to banish them faster than you can say the Left Bank. You can enjoy your elegant bedding comforter set like you do that fine Bordeaux wine--and like that red full-bodied Bordeaux, you can let your jacquard comforter set breathe.

How do I keep duvet covers clean?

Cleaning Duvet Covers

It's typical: You buy a discount duvet comforter cover because you want to keep your luxury comforter clean--but what happens when you spill that red wine on your duvet comforter cover?

Our advice:

  • Don't drink red wine in the bedroom!
  • If the stain is extensive, have your down comforter duvet cover professionally cleaned.
  • If the stain has seeped through, launder your duvet comforter with mild detergent and front-loading washers and dryers.
  • If it's just one stain, spot-clean the red wine with table salt and cold water or with club soda.

If the cover is part of a duvet comforter set and it's stained beyond repair, toss it and see if you can find a replacement down comforter duvet cover, or one of similar quality, from the manufacturer. After all, your goal is to protect your duvet comforter. Keep your duvet comforter cover covered too. Save the red wine for the dining room.

Can I have comforter covers of different material than my comforters?

Different Duvet Comforter and Cover Material

Your sister insists that, like a box spring mattress set, a duvet comforter set is the only way to go. You can only buy a duvet comforter cover in the same material as your duvet comforter. With apologies to your sister, you think that while a mattress fits best with the box spring it's designed for, you can choose your own down comforter duvet cover. Besides, your sister has questionable taste when it comes to picking friends and movies. But she is the shopping expert. Who's right? Try not to gloat too much, but you can buy an Indika organic cotton discount duvet comforter cover for your Alexandra Jordan down comforter.

If you choose a silk comforter, you'll need a duvet comforter cover made of a heavy material to protect the delicate silk. On the other hand, an organic Egyptian cotton duvet comforter set will be durable and luxurious. But if you want to change the appearance of your bedding, you can try out different varieties of that duvet comforter cover/down comforter combo. After all, your sister may watch depressing subtitled films with that poet friend who dresses in black, but she is the mistress of mixiing and matching style. Politely educate her about the down comforter duvet cover possibilities before her friend launches into his rant on the meaninglessness of material goods.

Is it easy to put on and take off a duvet comforter cover?

Cover It Up

You're not ashamed of your duvet comforter--you just want to protect it. But as any CEO with an accounting scandal will tell you, a cover-up isn't easy. Actually, putting on a duvet comforter cover is as easy as retrieving incriminating e-mails.

Your duvet comforter set usually contains instructions--guilty CEOs should be so lucky. Whether you buy a luxury down comforter duvet cover or a discount duvet comforter cover, you can snap, zip, or button the cover. Pull the corners of the duvet comforter tight against the edges of the duvet comforter cover. Just make sure to shake the down duvet comforter to distribute the fill so that the down has its loft once you seal the duvet comforter cover or when you take it off.

You don't want the down duvet comforter to look more lopsided than Worldcom's accounting books. In the end, you'll be able to put on and remove your down comforter duvet cover, and you won't sweat a bit...unlike corrupt corporate accounting firms.

How can I customize my comforter for my decor?

Customizing Comforters

You love your white down bed comforter, but you've never been inclined towards plain white. In fact, you have a rustic, homey sensibility, or a romantic poetic inclination. You're not inclined, however, to give away your beautiful down comforter. Some bedding comforter decorating ideas:

  • For a plain comforter cover, try some romantic stencils such as fleur-de-lis. Pair your comforter with silk or satin sheets.
  • That rustic look always needs plaids or checks. Choose a checked or tartan duvet cover for your bed comforter. Or opt for a blanket in that pattern.
  • If you have a bed spread and comforter, don't overdo the decor.

Choose a silky romantic bedspread or a tartan bedspread with a plain white down bed comforter. You can offset your not-so-plain comforter with white or light-colored wallpaper or paint. Now you can keep your white down comforter and decorate it too!

Is a microfiber down comforter set good for me?

Microfiber Down Comforter Sets

Microfiber--it's everywhere, in sofas, cleaning cloths, and carpets, Now it invades your down comforter set--the pillows too! Should we stop the microfiber madness? Actually, no. Microfiber is extra lightweight, so a microfiber duvet luuury comforter set may let in cooling air if you like to keep your down bedding comforter set on the bed all year and live in a warmer climate. The feel is suede but the fabric is low-maintenance. Wait just a microfiber minute.

A microfiber bed comforter set we looked at offered shams and a comforter--no duvet cover. You'll need a lightweight duvet cover if you want to dress up your discount comforter set. Microfiber is easy to clean, so you may not need the duvet cover as much to keep spills and dust away. Still, microfiber is used to pick up dust, so buy a duvet cover. Embrace the microfiber revolution with your new bed comforter set.

How many pieces should a comforter set have?

Comforter Set Pieces

Six pillowcases, five sets of sheets, four designer pillows, three wool blankets, two mattress pads...and one comforter set! Sometimes you feel like you're making your Christmas list all year long when you're buying a bedding comforter set.

Of course, there is that one store that has Christmas sales in April. You'd think that your luxury comforter set would be simple. A duvet. A duvet cover. You can check those off your list. But no, your average bed comforter set can now include a duvet, duvet cover, plus:

  • Neckroll pillow
  • Oblong pillow
  • Decorative pillows
  • Pillow shams (Euro and regular)
  • Bedskirt

Do you really need an entire set? Some bedding experts advise that since comforters may fade in the wash. Santa wouldn't be merry and bright if he saw his red down comforter turn dull! Choosing bed linens to match your comforter, or buying a bedding comforter set, makes sense if you want everything in your bedroom to blend.

If you want a coordinated bedroom, don't just buy a discount comforter set with just a duvet and duvet cover that partially match your decor. That's like leaving bran muffins for Santa instead of cookies. If, on the other hand, you want to mix and match, make sure you choose a duvet and duver cover bed comforter set that blends. You can try contrast--Rudolph's shiny nose certainly made him famous. Once you've decided on a complete comforter set, you can figure out what do do with those partiridges and four calling birds.

Can I keep my comforter clean without a duvet comforter cover?

The Naked Comforter

While you wouldn't dream of sleeping in the buff, you think a duvet comforter set is just too fussy. Even a discount duvet comforter cover doesn't appeal to you. Can you avoid buying a duvet comforter set and just buy the comforter? A down comforter duvet cover protects the duvet. Most bedding experts recommend a duvet comforter set if you want to keep your duvet comforter lofty and clean.

If you choose to do without the duvet comforter cover, keep dust, pets, and moisture away from your duvet comforter. Be gentle when turning your duvet comforter or replacing it after making the bed. Store it in a mesh bag if you go on vacation or have a second residence. You feel unprotected sleeping naked. It's not surprising that your duvet comforter does too. Spare your duvet comforter the discomfort and buy a down comforter duvet cover.

What is a down alternative comforter set?

Down Alternative Comforter Sets

You love the down decorative pillows and down comforter your husband bought for your birthday, but his comforter set is making you groan worse than his golf jokes. Your down bedding comforter set is hypoallergenic, but you're allergic to down, especially an overdose of it. You love the sleeping surrounded by soft cushiony down feathers.

Tell your hubby to exchange that down discount comforter set for a down alternative luxury comforter set. Polyfill in the pillows and comforter will ease your groans at night--even if your hubby asks you, "Have you heard the one about the rabbi and the priest at the eighteenth hole?" Soft fiber such as Egyptian cotton or microfiber will add to the luxurious feeling of your bedding comforter set, even if you're not sleeping on goosedown. With such a thoughtful husband, you can stand another ten years of bad jokes as long as your comforter set keeps you comfortable and sneeze-free.

What are the latest trends in comforters?

Latest Comforter Trends

Yes, it's true: your bedding is a slave to fashion. That includes your bedding comforter. Some trends stay--a kid comforter with sailboats will always be in fashion. But you adults need to keep up with the times. We've scouted out some trends that you should know about before you buy a bed spread and comforter:

  • Tailored bed comforter with classic lines and smaller geometric shapes--no frills or flowers.
  • Bedding comforter and duvet color in blue, rather than purple--blue is a cooling, calming color.
  • Bed comforter with big patterns
  • Global patterns such as Indian or Chinese
  • Shabby chic and casual but elegant comforter
  • Microsuede microfiber comforter
  • Layered bedding with blankets, throws and a bedding comforter

You swore you'd never be a slave to fashion, but redoing your bedding has made you rethink those coral Bermuda shorts.

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