Don't Be Coarse

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Can I use coarse fabric with down bedding?

Don't Be Coarse

Egypitan cotton with goose down bedding is all the rage. Egyptian damask down comforter and bedding. Chinese silk-covered luxury down bedding. But your life demands more hardy fabrics. Will coarser materials make your white discount down bedding blush? You might want to slip on plastic fabric covers on your goose down bedding and mine your bedroom to keep pets and kids out. Coarser wool or cotton has a lower thread count.

While thread count isn't always a guarantee of quality, a higher thread count means the down comforter and bedding will be lighter and easier to care for. The down may climb to coarser fabric such as burlap or cotton with a thread count of 230 or below. So protect your luxury down bedding and discount down bedding. Keep it refined, and you won't have to blush at the mess coarser fabrics make.



2/26/2007 5:39:02 PM
Geoff said:

How can "a higher thread count" be "lighter"???
That is counter-intuitive.


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