Summer Down vs Silk Comforter

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Should I buy a summer down or silk comforter?

Summer Down vs Silk Comforter

Down. Silk. Down. Silk. Which one has the best summer weight? At this point, you want to go with a down comforter summer filled with synthetic fibers. Don't. Synthetic fibers may not be as luxurious or comfortable. A summer down comforter in silk also keeps you cool in the spring and fall. It's a perfect southern weight down comforter (70+ ° F). On the other hand, a Hypodown lightweight down comforter also has a perfect down comforter summer weight. So which do you choose?

Some hints:

  • Silk is cooling, but down insulates you from warm air.
  • Silk adjusts to your body temperature more easily than down, and won't make you sneeze.
  • High loft high fill power down with a high thread count cotton cover will circulate air easily in summer, spring and fall.

Don't agonize over your silk or down comforter summer weight, and don't automatically choose synthetic fibers. Winter, spring, summer, or fall, you deserve the ideal weight down comforter.



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