Lightweight Hyperclean Down

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Is hyperclean down lightweight for all seasons?

Lightweight Hyperclean Down

Everyone ribs you about choosing hypoallergenic bedding. What they don't know is that a hypoallergenic down comforter is also a lightweight down comforter! Hyperclean down adds lightness to the normal weight down comforter--however, not all hyperclean down comforters are lightweight.

Check your Hyperclean hypoallergenic fill power--a heavy down comforter will have 650 fill power, and a lightweight down comforter with a sateen cover will probably have a 500-550 fill power. They'll still be winter weight, but won't make you feel as if you're in a blast furnace. It's a sure bet that your down comforter summer weight will be lightened because there's no heavy dust hitching a ride! So don't let anyone hassle you about choosing a hypoallergenic lightweight down comforter.

You can sleep snugly while they sneeze and sweat under the wrong weight down comforter.



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