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When caring for down comforters what is the best way to dry them after washing?

Caring for Down Comforters - Dry Well

If you wash a goose down comforter at home, you must dry the goose down comforter with gentle heat in the clothes dryer. To expose damp areas, remove and adjust the down comforter several times during the drying cycle. Then return the goose down comforter to the dryer for another cycle. Finally, hang a goose down comforter out to air dry for at least 24 hours to make sure all sections are dry before replacing the goose down comforter on your bed.

What are some tips on washing and cleaning down comforters?

Washing and Cleaning Down Comforters

Wash your goose down comforter occasionally to keep it fresh. The less you wash your down comforter, the longer it will last. Dry cleaning a down comforter is effective but expensive. When washing down comforters yourself, use a front loading washing machine. Use a laundry detergent without dyes, since dyes can stain your goose down comforter. Wash your down comforter in cold water and a small amount of detergent but do not use fabric softener.

When cleaning down comforters, should I air dry it outside?

Down Comforter Care - Air Outside

It is important to protect your down filled comforter from dirt and shield the seams from excessive wear. Purchase a down filled comforter cover (duvet) or make one using a pair of flat sheets. It's a good idea to air out your goose down comforter occasionally. Remove the duvet and hang your goose down comforter outside on a clothesline. Dry clean your down comforter once every three to five years.

Should I use a bedding cover for proper down comforter care?

Down Comforter Care - Use A Cover

Your goose down comforters will last a long time if you take proper care of it. No matter what type of casing your down comforter came in, you should put an additional down comforter cover on before using it. Buy an attractive down comforter cover or duvet. Down comforter covers usually attach with buttons and ties and protect your down comforter from soil.

Is there a guide for down comforter care that covers washing, drying and storage?

Information About Down and Feather Fill for Comforters - Storage

After investing in a luxurious goose down comforter, you can keep it clean and fresh from one season to the next in a 100% cotton textile storage bag. One reclosable, hanging storage bag can hold two to three goose down comforters. Never store your valuable down comforter in a plastic bag or box that doesn't allow your goose down comforter to breathe. A reusable storage bag can be found online for under $12.

What are some tips for caring for down comforters?

Washing Goose Down Comforters - Shake Daily

A goose down comforter kept inside a duvet will stay clean and fresh. Remember to shake a down comforter every morning to fluff the loft. Goose down comforters need to be laundered commercially or professionally dry cleaned, since their volume is more than most home washers can handle. Steam cleaning is preferred over chemical dry cleaning.

When cleaning bedding, what is the best way to dry it?

Cleaning Down Comforters - Drying

When drying your down comforter, put a clean tennis shoe into the dryer to help fluff up the down and distribute it well. Dry your down comforter on low or hang it outside on a clothesline to dry. Hanging the down comforter outside will add a fresh clean scent. Cleaning down comforters will keep them fresh and will prolong its life and insure that you'll a good night's sleep for a long, long time.

What are some tips on caring for down comforters?

Caring for Down Comforters

Down filled comforters are packed tightly during shipping. When your goose down comforter arrives, remove its packaging, fluff the goose down comforter gently, and allow several hours for the down comforter to recover its full loft. Being sealed in plastic sometimes causes the goose down scent to concentrate. A few hours of airing usually removes the heavy down scent.

What are some tips for washing down comforters?

Washing Bedding and Down Comforters

Cleaning down comforters requires special care. Goose down comforters should be washed in a commercial washer. Front-loading washers, without agitators, are gentler on large, bulky goose down comforters. Dry your goose down comforter thoroughly at a low temperature, but remember, down comforters can take hours to dry out. Professional dry cleaning is preferred.

What are some good tips on down comforter care?

Cleaning Bedding

Caring for down comforters is easy. Take your goose down comforter out of its duvet from time to time. Fluff it up to keep the feathers from clumping together. Hang your down comforter out on the clothesline for a quick freshen-up. Large down comforters should be washed in commercial washers, without agitators, or professionally dry cleaned. Always store your down comforter in a dry place where it will not be threatened by mold or mildew.

What cycle should I use when washing down comforters?

Washing Down Comforters - Cycles

It's surprising how easy it is to care for a goose down comforter. A gentle shake to air it out and refluff the goose down is all that's needed in the morning. Use a duvet cover to keep your goose down comforter cleaner, longer. Goose down comforters can be machine-washed or dry cleaned. Store your quality goose down comforter in a breathable bag. Avoid plastic which will trap moisture and mildew.

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