Down Comforter Heavy Weight Ounces

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What is the average winter weight ounce for a down comforter?

Down Comforter Heavy Weight Ounces

Great. You worry about how many ounces a serving size should be, and now you have to weigh how many ounces per cubic inch a heavy down comforter should be. While portions keep shrinking in a sensible diet, a heavy weight down comforter can still contain the maximum, as can a summer down comforter. Here are average winter weight down comforter dimensions in ounces per cubic feet. As you'll notice, heavy down comforters have higher numbers.

  • Twin comforters: 38 to 48-ounce fill
  • Full and Queen comforters: 39 to 64-ounce fill
  • King comforters: 44 to 84-ounce fill Arctic weight down comforter dimensions contain even higher-ounce down content.
  • Twin comforters: 36-ounce fill
  • Full comforters: 42-ounce fill
  • Queen comforters: 46-ounce fill
  • King comforters: 53-ounce fill
  • Super King or Cal King: 69-ounce fill

Now that probably confused you even more than keeping up portion sizes. It doesn't get any easier with a down comforter summer weight. But at least with weight down comforter dimensions, you can feel better knowing that you have the right size no matter what you choose--without worrying about calories and fat!



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