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What are some bed mattress sizes?

Bed Mattress Sizes

Knowing the exact bed mattress sizes helps you choose the right size goose down comforter.

  • A twin mattress is 39x75 inches: Choose a twin down comforter 66 to 68 inches wide and 86 to 88 inches long.
  • For a 54x75-inch full-size mattress, a goose down comforter should be 81 to 84 inches wide and 86 to 88 inches long.
  • A 60x80 inch queen-size mattress needs an 86- to 88-inch wide down comforter that is 96 to 100 inches long.
  • A standard/eastern/king mattress that is 76 to 78 wide and 80 inches long will need a down comforter 102 inches wide and 86 to 88 inches long.
  • The California king, 72x84 inches, will only look good with a goose down comforter 107 to 110 inches wide and 96 to 98 inches long.

You can find a down comforter to fit any size bed at a discount online.

How do I care for an oversized down comforter?

Oversized Down Comforter Care

You have enough difficulty washing your family's oversized laundry loads--especially when no one bothers to sort the lights from the darks. How will you wash an oversized down comforter? That oversized down comforter king (107" x 96") or full/queen down comforter (88" x 96") with extra loft and larger panels may not fit comfortably in your Maytag. You'll need to make a run to a laundromat with oversized front-loading washing machines to clean your king down comforter or twin down comforter. Bring a tennis ball and dry it in an oversized front-loading dryer. While you're waiting at the laundromat, bring books and magazines. Catch up on the reading you never get a chance to do at home because of laundry demands!

What should I look for in an oversized queen down comforter?

The Queen Has Spoken

Answer this quiz. A luxury gorgeous oversized queen is: a) Latifah in her red dress at the Emmys b) Elton John in Armani at the Grammys c) A white down comforter for a huge bed If you answered either a or b, we understand. But the correct answer is c. An oversized queen down comforter is a thing of beauty and joy. And since you're queen of the household, you want one for your master bedroom. A twin down comforter? Forget it. A full size down comforter might do. A down comforter king emphatically won't do. Only a queen oversized down comforter will do.

A full size down comforter is the same as a queen (90" X 88"), but meant for a double bed. Your silk-sheeted masterpiece is no mere double bed. You need a grand oversized down comforter with a boxed border to boost the loft so that even though it drapes over the sides of your bed like a royal robe, it never feels bulky. There's a difference between being grand and ridiculous. Elton and Latifah are most definitely grand, and so is your oversized queen down comforter. Long live the queen!

What are some goose down comforters?

Goose Down Comforters

Today, it's easy to find goose down comforters to fit any size bed. A down comforter should be large and pliant enough to drape well, so it stays on the bed if the backing fabric is slick. In addition to cotton and silk, construction fabrics for the down comforter's outer shell may be polyester or wool. The luxury down comforters might be filled with goose down, feathers or a combination of the two. The perfect goose down comforter can often be found at a discount online.

What is a king size down comforter?

King Size Down Comforter

Most suppliers keep king size down comforter in inventory, however, king-size may be a special or custom-ordered comforter for others. Custom ordering a goose down comforter rarely delays shipment by more than a few days, unless the down comforter will need monogramming or multiple appliqués.

What are some queen size comforters?

Queen Size Comforters

Queen size comforters comes in lovely colors and patterns. Even bold designs don't intimidate on a queen-size bed. Crisp white or cream-colored linens never go out of style. Duvet covers for quality luxury down comforters can be found in muted or bright colors. Goose down comforters from quality manufacturers will last a long time.

What are some sizes of standard bedding?

Sizes of Standard Bedding

In 1590, the Great Bed of Ware slept 68 people. King-size beds for ordinary folks, however, are a new phenomenon and require king size bedding and comforters. Look for luxury down comforters at discount prices online. You'll find king size and every other size, except one to fit a 68-person bed.

What are some standard mattress sizes?

Standard Mattress Sizes

Always measure the length, width and depth of your bed for standard mattress sizes before buying a goose down comforter. Some manufacturers label their bedding "full/queen" or simply "king". A California king is narrower but longer than a standard king-size bed. You don't want your beautiful goose down comforter to be too small or too big. Compare your bed's measurements to the goose down comforter and make sure the down comforter is large enough to cover the top and sides of your bed.

What are some queen size down comforter twin size bedding?

Queen Size Down Comforter Twin Size Bedding

If you don't want the added expense of outfitting a king-size bed, queen size down comforter twin size bedding may be the size that allows you to have the luxury bedding you love. Quality goose down comforters in queen size are less expensive. Down comforters in a choice of summer, winter and year-round weights are available at Alexandra Jordan.

Were do you get down filled comforters?

Down Filled Comforters

With down filled comforters, king-size beds come in two sizes: standard/eastern (label just says “king”) and California/western. King-size beds don't fit through doorways and hallways easily. Sometimes they don't even fit through sliding glass doors. If you're sold on a king-size down comforter, however, you can find discount down comforters to make your big bed beautiful. Remember, your down comforter must be big enough to cover the extra thick mattress.

What are some king size comforter?

King Size Down Comforters

You'll have to expect that some king size comforters will have a certain amount of feathers in them, in addition to the goose down. King-size goose down comforters come in summer, winter or year-round king size comforter weights, but would still be prohibitively expensive if they were pure goose down. Thanks to new labeling laws for down comforters, consumer can know their accurate contents.

What's the right size for a twin oversized comforter?

Twin Oversized Down Comforter

Twin beds. Just the words bring up images of college dorms, childhood bunk beds and hotel beds. Actually, in college you have X-Long Twin. You hate the summer camp image of twin and bunk beds. You want a luxurious oversized down comforter to burrow in when someone dangles a frog at you or, if you're in college, plays acid rock music too loudly.

Can you buy an oversized twin down comforter, or is super-sizing just reserved for a queen down comforter or king down comforter? Your average college dorm size down comforter or oversized down comforter (60" x 96") will fit a 39" x 80" mattress, and your oversized twin down comforter (72' x 90") won't drown your 38" x 75" twin mattress.

If you have bunk beds, your oversized down comforter may dangle in your bunkmate's face--tuck it under the mattress, or better yet, offer to sleep in the bottom bunk. If you want to win brownie points, buy your roommie an oversized down comforter. You can bet that acid rock won't be so loud any more. Maybe twin beds aren't so horrible after all.

What are luxury down comforters?

Luxury Down Comforters

These days to get luxury down comforters, you don't have to visit a luxury hotel to snuggle under a king-size goose down comforter. If you're planning to buy a king size down comforter, you'll have to do some measuring. A king-size mattress is either 76 inches wide by 80 inches long (standard) or 72 inches wide by 84 inches long (California). A king size down comforter must be sized generously, allowing for the box springs and thick mattress. Quality discount bedding in king sizes can be found online.

Are there custom mattress sizes?

Custom Mattress Sizes

With custom mattress sizes depths vary widely among manufacturers. It's important to measure the depth of your mattress before purchasing a goose down comforter. Standard and older mattresses average 9 inches to 12 inches deep, while newer, pillow-top mattresses are 14 inches to 16 inches deep or even deeper.

Deeper mattresses require additional comforter depth so that the very fluffy down comforters cover the mattresses completely. Luxury goose down comforters puff out for much less coverage. Down comforters in the exact measurement you need to cover your bed can be found online.

Is an oversized down comforter good for a Cal King mattress?

What Size Is An Oversized Down Comforter?

While supersizing our Big Macs has led to obesity, supersizing down comforters works well if you feel that a down comforter king doesn't cover your Cal King mattress. Cal kings have extra height and length--the mac daddies of beds. You need a king down comforter to match!

Some bedding stores will tell you that there is no such thing as a Cal King size down comforter and you're better off choosing an oversized twin down comforter, king down comforter or queen down comforter. But if you look at your average oversized down comforter for a King mattress (107 x 96), it will luxuriously drape over a Cal King mattress (72 x 84).

Too much king down comforter? That depends on if it's a heavy down comforter. If it's lightweight high fill power, it will drape softly over your be. You won't have to worry about hogging it all from your partner. And if you haven't been supersizing your fast-food, it won't feel as if you need to turn on the cold blast air conditioning in the house!

Are there standard bedding sizes?

Standard Bedding Sizes

Thirty years ago, queen-size beds were considered an extravagance. However by 1999 the queen-size mattress was the most popular seller in the United States. Queen-size bedding and luxury down comforters made with white goose down are a cozy addition to a lady's bedroom. Manufacturers are now making down comforters to fit queen-size bed in response to heavy demand.

What are som down comforter sets?

Down Comforter Sets

Standard king-size bedding and down comforter sets are more readily available east of the Mississippi; while more department store shelves west of the Mississippi stock California king-size down comforters. But thanks to the Internet, you can enjoy a good night's sleep under a quality luxury down comforter, and at a discount, too. King-size, luxury goose down comforters aren't only for fancy hotels.

How do I fluff up oversized down comforters?

Fluffing Oversized Down Comforters

Have you ever noticed that at Thanksgiving and Christmas, all the holiday pastries, goodies and roasts tend to concentrate in one spot so you feel weighted down? You're yawning in the middle of football, presents or James Stewart struggling through "It's a Wonderful Life." You want to crawl beneath your super size down comforter. The problem is, the kids demolished the down this morning, so you have to re-fluff that oversized twin down comforter, king down comforter, queen down comforter or full size down comforter. But how do you do it? You move like Christmas pudding and the comforter has extra panels on the sides.

Chances are your mom or Uncle George needs a bit of a workout after all that food. So do you! Then your sister jumps in with her advice and helpful hints. Get at least one volunteer to hold the foot while you hold the head. Shake the oversized down comforter vigorously. Have everyone press down to make sure the down has the same height everywhere.

This can actually be a family fun bonding project! Once your oversized down comforter is as fluffy as the mashed potatoes you devoured earlier, you can take a well-deserved nap--but you might have to move over and make room for your weary volunteers. Oh well. It's the holidays.

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