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What are some great wholesale luxury fashion bedding brands?

Wholesale Luxury Fashion Bedding Brands

You have enough on your plate between replacing the garage door that just broke, picking up your dry-cleaning, helping your boss select a present for her sister...actually, you're looking for a luxury bedding set for her sister. But your boss would reuse coffee filters if she could. We offer some of our favorite wholesale luxury bedding brands:

  • Alexandra Jordan--no matter what luxury bedding set you choose!
  • Manchester Luxury Bedding Ensemble
  • Veratex luxury bedding and duvet cover
  • Velvet Garden Bed-in-a-Bag
  • Thomasville luxury bedding set

Who knows, your boss might even give you a raise from the money she saved. Now you can put "spend raise on luxury bedding and duvet cover for myself" on your list!

What is some history of down comforters?

History of Comforters

In pioneer times, covered wagons offered little protection against a bad wind or dust storm. Comforters made from old blankets, quilts and goose down were hung along the sides of covered wagons to help keep out the dust and sun, especially if the canvas was torn. Folded up, a comforter probably padded the bony behind of the wagon's driver. Thick comforters also would have protected fine china. Thankfully, today we only need goose down comforters to keep us warm. You can choose a goose down comforter to fit the season or region in which you live. For example, a summer fill comforter may be all that's needed to keep warm throughout an Atlanta winter.

I have discount sheets, can I pair them with luxury comforters?

Mixing Discount and Luxury Tastes

You pair a $525 dress with diamond earrings you got on sale for $75. You buy imported Brie and serve it with $3.99-a-bottle Trader Joe's wine. You know how to mix and match luxury with economy. Should you take the same approach to your bedding? Will that bedding and luxury duvet set without sheets work with those sheets you found in the sale rack? Only if your luxury bedding set and sheets are free of pilling, nubbins and knobs.

Also, if your sheets are solid colors and you want a luxury bedding contrast with a pattern, you can keep your solid-colored sheets. Many luxury fashion bedding sets contain the whole works, not just for coordination but for quality, and wholesale luxury bedding may be hypoallergenic, which your existing bedding may not be.

You don't want to be protected from dust mites in your luxury fashion bedding only to have them still bother you from your cheaper sheets! Also, your cheap sheets may wear out faster since you'll be sleeping in your soft luxury bedding set so much! While you're a master of economizing, this is one time you might want to go luxury bedding all the way.

Should I buy luxury silk velvet bedding?

Luxury Silk Velvet Bedding

What says luxury more than silk and velvet? You see that silk luxury fashion bedding with a silk cover and velvet backing. You're thinking Park Avenue days and nights now. But will silk and velvet fit your lifestyle? Before you slip into exquisite sensation, remember that the backing of your luxury bedding comforter is imprtant for care considerations and for ease of bed-making.

The most practical backing for a full price or wholesale luxury bedding set is cotton or linen. However, velvet won't slip off the bed if you use duvet clasps for your luxury bedding and duvet cover. As for silk, a silk-filled comforter, as well as a velvet-backed one, needs dry cleaning to keep the shine and softness, but the good news is, silk is hypoallergenic. It just feels decadent--actually, you'll help your health and your sleep by indulging. Luxury fashion bedding may be an extravagance, but a good night's sleep is a necessity, so choose a luxury bedding set such as Kumi Kookoon and get your best sleep.

Why are large feathers not seen in the best down comforter?

Large Feathers and Alexandra Jordan Comforters

The best down comforter is larger than life, large enough to be luxurious and lofty. But not everything about your comforter needs to be larger than life. While small stunted feathers from young geese are too fragile rather than pliable, large feathers tend to be too bulky, especially in the baffled box construction of an Alexandra Jordan comforter. Large feathers skew the down distribution so that there may be cold spots in the comforter.

An Alexandra Jordan down comforter, like other comforters competing for the title of best down comforter, doesn't have large feathers. The fill weight is more evenly distributed so that Alexandra Jordan comforters are grand and thick on the outside, lightweight on the inside. The insulation of the best down comforter keeps that exquisite bed covering unfiromly soft, and yes, larger than life. Don't be fooled by "best down comforter" labels that boast of the biggest feathers. Wild birds, after all, tend to preen and puff up their plumage. But the proof of the plumage is in the quality of down bedding such as Alexandra Jordan down comforters.

What should I look for in luxury bedding?

Luxury Bedding Dos and Don'ts

You're such a consumer expert Good Housekeeping calls you. But choosing a luxury bedding and duvet cover ensemble has you stumped. Before the next Good Housekeeping teleconference, here are a few tips for choosing luxury fashion bedding:


  • Hold your wholesale luxury bedding, especially sheets and pillow shams, up to the light. If the light doesn't pass through the fabric, the linen is a luxury one.
  • Take the comforter out of the bag if you can and wrap it around yourself. The higher the loft and fill power, the softer and more luxurious the comforter feels.
  • Ask a sales associate to take the luxury bedding out of the bag. Press it against your skin (just make sure you haven't been to the tanning salon) to see how it feels. Luxury bedding sets won't have slubs or coarse knots of fabric.
  • Opt for wholesale luxury bedding of linen or cotton, since they're natural fibers. Synthetic fibers tend to "pile" or gather lint balls over time.
  • If you choose silk or satin luxury fashion bedding, buy a luxury bedding and duvet cover set. Choose bedding covers to protect your silk and satin.

  • Don't assume that wholesale luxury bedding is either automatically a rip-off or a find. Perform the same tests even if you're inthe middle of the aisle at Costco!
  • Don't buy a luxury bedding set online without scoping out different fine luxury bedding in the stores.
  • Don't just automatically bring home that luxury bedding ensemble because it matches your Tommy Bahama decor. You might choose a better quality, softer fashion luxury bedding package in solid colors that blend with your tropical theme.
  • Don't assume that the highest price means the bedding will be best for you. If the thread count and fill count are 1100 and 900, and you need 600 and 600, go for the lower-price luxury bedding.

Now that you're armed with the product facts, you're ready to consult with Consumer Products about Croscill and hotel bedding!

Is luxury hotel bedding right for me?

Luxury Hotel Bedding

With the proliferation of bargain travel sites such as Priceline and Expedia and the introduction of hotel linens in Bed, Bath and Beyond, it's almost more homey to stay at a hotel than it is to stay home! Hotels insist on the finest luxury bedding, which you may or may not be able to afford after all your business trips.

Hotel luxury bedding may not suit your home--make sure the luxury bedding set is in white, cream or ivory so that you don't want to book another trip to escape your fashion faux pas! Hotels tend towards cottons and linens, so don't assume you automatically need satin or silk sheets. Also, while some travelers gripe about the cleanliness of hotel luxury bedspreads, many hotels now tend toward down comforters. Just make sure that you do your own housekeeping call at home for that VIP guest, like your mother-in-law. But with hotel luxury fashion bedding in your guestroom, she may not leave!

When you escape your mother-in-law on that great getaway, you may be attracted to a hotel luxury bedding and duvet set. Take notes about the luxury fashion bedding in Marriott and Starwood hotels. Ask the housekeeping staff (don't forget to tip!) Marriott even offers plush hotel luxury fashion bedding for sale, and many comparison shopping sites will get you the best hotel luxury bedding deals. Nordstrom sells Westin's Heavenly Bed with a high thread count, but the price can run $3,000-$5,000. If you have Westin tastes on a Holiday Inn decorating budget, do us a favor and don't swipe the sheets (it's happened). We gather this means you'll be booking more trips this year with

What kinds of insulating properties of down comforters are there?

Luxury Down Comforters

Down is Mother Nature's lightest, insulating properties of down comforters and the best. Nature Nature has designed down to help maintain optimum, core body temperature. Goose down transfers heat away from the body when the air outside the down layer is hot and holds in heat when the air outside is cold. Some luxury down comforters use 90% white goose down fill, with 700 fill power. Instead of large feathers, luxury down comforters boast a high quality, superior insulating down that can achieve the same level of insulation as thicker, heavier comforters. These quality cozy down comforters are lighter and fluffier to give you a good night's sleep.

What makes Alexandra Jordan down comforters highly prized?

Alexandra Jordan Down Comforters The best?

Alexandra Jordan--who's that? The newest Hollywood starlet? A chick lit author? A pro on the LPGA tour? No--Alexandra Jordan is an up-and-comer vying for the title of best down comforter.

Fact sheets say that Alexandra Jordan comforters take the lead in down comforter luxury with 90 to 95 percent down. Search engine results aside, how do you know that the Alexandra Jordan comforter is the best down comforter? Answer: You don't, but a 90 to 95 percent goose down comforter is the top, at least according to industry metrics. While Eiderdown is said to be the very best down comforter, there's a limited world supply of eiderdown, and Alexandra Jordan down comforters are a more accessible luxury than eiderdown. One eiderdown comforter we saw was nearly $7,000.

Even Hungarian goose down comforters such as Hypodown contain just 80 percent pure goose down, with a cost that's higher than the Alexandra Jordan down comforter. You may think of Alexandra Jordan as a Jordan-come-lately, but there's no denying the Alexandra Jordan comforter is shaking up the down comforter industry. Can we say "upset"?

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