Medium vs Heavy Down Comforter

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When can I use a medium weight as opposed to a heavy down comforter?

Medium vs Heavy Down Comforter

Lightweight down comforter. Heavy down comforter. Down comforter summer weight. Heavy weight down comforter. Isn't there a happy medium? And can the blissful medium tell you how to get an all-season comforter? The happy medium, her psychic powers refreshed from a night sleeping under a medium weight down comforter, will tell you that you need lighter fill power (550) in warmer climates as opposed to more fill power (900) in cooler climes.

A medium or all-season weight down comforter that is especially comfy in spring and fall will have a fill power of 600-650, and you can use it in mild climates. Your clairvoyant medium will give you a common-sense piece of advice: high-quality down can be heavy and yet create a lightweight down comforter at 800-900 fill power, so your heavy down comforter has winter warmth and cooling properties. Cross your medium's palm with gentle laundry detergent to wash her medium weight down comforter, and you too can be happy!



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