Summer Down Comforters

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What is a summer down comforter?

Summer Down Comforters

Is it hot in here or is it your heavy down comforter? If you live in California, in the tropics, or in the high humidity summers of the East Coast, you need to have a down comforter summer version. A summer down comforter is like summer clothes--it's meant to be an extra-lightweight down comforter. You don't want an extra heavy weight down comforter with extra down in summer or in balmy climates.

You want a lightweight down comforter with less down. If the temperature drops during those long summer nights or in winter, use a lightweight fleece throw blanket with your summer down comforter. That way, you can stow the blanket when the nights heat up amd still keep your lightweight down comforter. Now you don't have to move from your warm environs, and you can have a perfect long hot down comforter summer.



6/11/2007 9:52:55 PM
Jordana said:

I think you've made a lot of good points, thank you. I do have a question:What about Comforters that say they are "Very Lightweight" or Super Lightweight"? Are they good for hot weather states like Florida, or are they too muuh like skimpy coverlets? Thank in advance to anyone who knows?


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