Large Feathers and Alexandra Jordan Comforters

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Why are large feathers not seen in the best down comforter?

Large Feathers and Alexandra Jordan Comforters

The best down comforter is larger than life, large enough to be luxurious and lofty. But not everything about your comforter needs to be larger than life. While small stunted feathers from young geese are too fragile rather than pliable, large feathers tend to be too bulky, especially in the baffled box construction of an Alexandra Jordan comforter. Large feathers skew the down distribution so that there may be cold spots in the comforter.

An Alexandra Jordan down comforter, like other comforters competing for the title of best down comforter, doesn't have large feathers. The fill weight is more evenly distributed so that Alexandra Jordan comforters are grand and thick on the outside, lightweight on the inside. The insulation of the best down comforter keeps that exquisite bed covering unfiromly soft, and yes, larger than life. Don't be fooled by "best down comforter" labels that boast of the biggest feathers. Wild birds, after all, tend to preen and puff up their plumage. But the proof of the plumage is in the quality of down bedding such as Alexandra Jordan down comforters.



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