Mixing Discount and Luxury Tastes

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I have discount sheets, can I pair them with luxury comforters?

Mixing Discount and Luxury Tastes

You pair a $525 dress with diamond earrings you got on sale for $75. You buy imported Brie and serve it with $3.99-a-bottle Trader Joe's wine. You know how to mix and match luxury with economy. Should you take the same approach to your bedding? Will that bedding and luxury duvet set without sheets work with those sheets you found in the sale rack? Only if your luxury bedding set and sheets are free of pilling, nubbins and knobs.

Also, if your sheets are solid colors and you want a luxury bedding contrast with a pattern, you can keep your solid-colored sheets. Many luxury fashion bedding sets contain the whole works, not just for coordination but for quality, and wholesale luxury bedding may be hypoallergenic, which your existing bedding may not be.

You don't want to be protected from dust mites in your luxury fashion bedding only to have them still bother you from your cheaper sheets! Also, your cheap sheets may wear out faster since you'll be sleeping in your soft luxury bedding set so much! While you're a master of economizing, this is one time you might want to go luxury bedding all the way.



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