Luxury Hotel Bedding

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Is luxury hotel bedding right for me?

Luxury Hotel Bedding

With the proliferation of bargain travel sites such as Priceline and Expedia and the introduction of hotel linens in Bed, Bath and Beyond, it's almost more homey to stay at a hotel than it is to stay home! Hotels insist on the finest luxury bedding, which you may or may not be able to afford after all your business trips.

Hotel luxury bedding may not suit your home--make sure the luxury bedding set is in white, cream or ivory so that you don't want to book another trip to escape your fashion faux pas! Hotels tend towards cottons and linens, so don't assume you automatically need satin or silk sheets. Also, while some travelers gripe about the cleanliness of hotel luxury bedspreads, many hotels now tend toward down comforters. Just make sure that you do your own housekeeping call at home for that VIP guest, like your mother-in-law. But with hotel luxury fashion bedding in your guestroom, she may not leave!

When you escape your mother-in-law on that great getaway, you may be attracted to a hotel luxury bedding and duvet set. Take notes about the luxury fashion bedding in Marriott and Starwood hotels. Ask the housekeeping staff (don't forget to tip!) Marriott even offers plush hotel luxury fashion bedding for sale, and many comparison shopping sites will get you the best hotel luxury bedding deals. Nordstrom sells Westin's Heavenly Bed with a high thread count, but the price can run $3,000-$5,000. If you have Westin tastes on a Holiday Inn decorating budget, do us a favor and don't swipe the sheets (it's happened). We gather this means you'll be booking more trips this year with



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