Luxury Silk Velvet Bedding

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Should I buy luxury silk velvet bedding?

Luxury Silk Velvet Bedding

What says luxury more than silk and velvet? You see that silk luxury fashion bedding with a silk cover and velvet backing. You're thinking Park Avenue days and nights now. But will silk and velvet fit your lifestyle? Before you slip into exquisite sensation, remember that the backing of your luxury bedding comforter is imprtant for care considerations and for ease of bed-making.

The most practical backing for a full price or wholesale luxury bedding set is cotton or linen. However, velvet won't slip off the bed if you use duvet clasps for your luxury bedding and duvet cover. As for silk, a silk-filled comforter, as well as a velvet-backed one, needs dry cleaning to keep the shine and softness, but the good news is, silk is hypoallergenic. It just feels decadent--actually, you'll help your health and your sleep by indulging. Luxury fashion bedding may be an extravagance, but a good night's sleep is a necessity, so choose a luxury bedding set such as Kumi Kookoon and get your best sleep.



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