Alexandra Jordan Down Comforters The best?

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What makes Alexandra Jordan down comforters highly prized?

Alexandra Jordan Down Comforters The best?

Alexandra Jordan--who's that? The newest Hollywood starlet? A chick lit author? A pro on the LPGA tour? No--Alexandra Jordan is an up-and-comer vying for the title of best down comforter.

Fact sheets say that Alexandra Jordan comforters take the lead in down comforter luxury with 90 to 95 percent down. Search engine results aside, how do you know that the Alexandra Jordan comforter is the best down comforter? Answer: You don't, but a 90 to 95 percent goose down comforter is the top, at least according to industry metrics. While Eiderdown is said to be the very best down comforter, there's a limited world supply of eiderdown, and Alexandra Jordan down comforters are a more accessible luxury than eiderdown. One eiderdown comforter we saw was nearly $7,000.

Even Hungarian goose down comforters such as Hypodown contain just 80 percent pure goose down, with a cost that's higher than the Alexandra Jordan down comforter. You may think of Alexandra Jordan as a Jordan-come-lately, but there's no denying the Alexandra Jordan comforter is shaking up the down comforter industry. Can we say "upset"?



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