Down Blankets Are The Stuff!

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Down Blankets Are The Stuff!

During the winter and fall months cold bitter winds combined with cold wet snow can make for a cold miserable day. Coming home after being out in the cold, most people reach for one of three things, a hot drink, dry clothes, and a warm blanket.

To stay warm and cozy during these frigid times make sure you have a quality down blanket. These blankets are filled with small, lightweight, virtually waterproof feathers and can keep a person very warm. Once you are under the covers the feathers begin to warm you up by conducting heat. As your body heat warms the feathers, they in turn warm each other, and as a result, you. This is much the same way birds keep warm.

Down blankets come in all shapes, sizes, and colors so it should be relatively easy to find one that fits your needs and expectations.

Whatever type of down blanket you buy, make sure that the material it is made of is tightly woven enough so that the down inside does not leak out. Anyone who has ever owned one of these blankets can tell you, down is a sneaky thing and even though you may not see any holes, it will still get out.



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