Choosing Safe and Practical Crib Bedding for Infants

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Choosing Safe and Practical Crib Bedding for Infants

Preparing for the arrival of a new baby is exciting, although sometimes stressful. New parents often worry about getting all the right supplies. Choosing appropriate crib bedding can be confusing and frustrating with all the different choices. Parents and family members often choose crib bedding because it is cute or matches the room decoration; however, cute does not always mean safe or practical.

Infants spit up, drool and leak through diapers. Crib bedding needs to be both absorbent and safe for sleeping infants. Tight fitting cotton and cotton blends provide the necessary absorbency and prevent the crib bedding from bunching up around the infant. Stretchy or fleece fabrics can be dangerous since they do not provide a snug fit.

Many companies sell additional crib items that are unnecessary for infants. When you are choosing crib bedding, choose only the items necessary – a crib sheet and a simple blanket. For the infant’s safety, choose crib bedding based on its safety and usefulness rather than cuteness. Avoid crib bedding that could bunch up around the infant such as pillows, puffy blankets and crib bumpers.



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