Bed Skirts and Down Comforter Sets

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Are long drop bed skirts too fussy wIth down comforter sets?

Bed Skirts and Down Comforter Sets

You've never approved of miniskirts that show your rose tattoo, but you think it's the height of prissiness to have a long bedskirt with a down comforter set. If you have a twin extra long bed with a down comforter, you may need that 18" or 21" drop bedskirt--drop refers to how tall a bedskirt is, like the drop off the mountain you won't climb in a micro-mini. The drop is the distance from the floor to the top of the box spring. A longer drop bedskirt in the same maroon as your down comforter cover may make the whole bed and especially the comforter down look top-heavy, depending on the height of your mattress.

One solution is to use bed lifters with lesser-height beds that have down comforter sets. That way, your black down comforter looks loftier and taller rather than drowning your bed in fabric. Remember that you can take your bedskirt home and try it with your bed and down comforter set.

Most down comforter sets include a bedskirt that's coordinated with the comforter, so beware when buying a separate bed skirt. If your down comforter is a stand-alone, take a sample of the down comforter cover, measure your bed, and judge how your down comforter hangs over the sides of the bed. Then take the fabric swatch to a seamstress and have a custom bed skirt made. Now you have a bed skirt and down comforter that are the right height. But you still won't wear a micro-mini.



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