Pillow Fill Power

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What does fill power mean in terms of feather pillows?

Pillow Fill Power

How do you get down fill power from a pillow? You don't get down from a pillow. You get down from a duck. Groan. You might think that you only have to worry about fill power comforter ratings--and bad jokes. But what about down pillows? Pillow down fill power and fill power down comforter ratings are similar in case you're wondering, "What does fill power mean in terms of feather pillows?"

As with down comforter fill power, an 800 down fill power pillow will be softer, more lightweight and more luxurious--also more expensive. You can get away with the average down fill power, 550, especially if you want a heavier, firmer pillow. If you opt for a pure feather pillow, you'll have therapeutic neck pain relief. Many pillows, though, contain a mix of down and feathers.

The more down in the mix, the more down fill power, which means the pillow is more expensive. Confused? Don't be. Deciding on pillow down fill power ratings, like deciding on fill power down comforter ratings, won't make you tear open that down pillow the way a bad joke will.



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