Poor Quality Cheap Down Comforters

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How can I tell if a cheap down comforter is poor quality?

Poor Quality Cheap Down Comforters

You know that the diamond jewelry your husband gave you is cubic zirconiu--you had it appraised. Now he's eager to get out of the doghouse by buying you luxury bedding. In his defense, he couldn't tell cubic zirconium from diamonds. How can he tell poor quality discount down comforters from good quality ones? Here are our cheap discount comforter clues for the clueless:

  • Squash the discount down comforter, then shake it back into place. If it doesn't regain its loft, the down is lesser quality.
  • Check for "pilling," knobs, nubbins, and fraying.
  • If feathers stick out of cheap discount comforters, it's time to find another down comforter sale.
  • Cotton covers usually provide the best value, since they allow the feathers to "breathe" and be lightweight without flimsiness.
  • Be wary of any discount down comforters with wool batting that may shrink when you clean the comforter.
  • Watch the salespeople--if they seem especially eager to sell and pressure your husband to buy, he should go elsewhere.
  • Check the label for eiderdown, Canadian goose down, or Siberian goose down.

Do the squeeze test--labels can lie! Now you can enjoy a quality full price or cheap discount comforter that your husband bought with a clue. But he still swears by the cubic zirconium. Arrgh. Give him a discount down comforter for the doghouse.



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