Canopy Beds for Teenage Girls

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How can I create a unique canopy bed?

Canopy Beds for Teenage Girls

Your friends say canopy beds are for babies, but you know you need your privacy. You bought your bed without a canopy, but now you want one. What does the smart girl do? She makes a canopy!

Your brother gets to put oars and skis above his bed to match his sports-themed boy bedding, right? So you can customize your girl bedding with a homemade canopy. Say you have a dreamy pink-and-purple bedding comforter as part of a pink and purple bedding ensemble. Luckily, you also have tons of scarves, because pink and purple are your favorite colors. Your mom has chiffon swatches of fabric, or you can get some from the sewing store your best friend's mom owns. You don't even need a four-poster bed to create a canopy.

Better Homes and Gardens suggests using a fishing line. You sew the scarves and fabric pieces to the fishing line and string it across the ceiling. Make the line a foot longer than the bed. Use two lines for the head and foot of the bed. Voila--instant canopy! The best part is, it doesn't look like one. It looks exotic and funky. Maybe the scarves will serve as a signal to your dad and mom to stay out when you're discusing how cool it is to make your own bedding pillow shams from the leftover fabric. Oh, and your friends all want canopy beds now too. You always were a trend-setter!



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