Kid Bedding Safety

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How do I make sure my kid bedding set is safe?

Kid Bedding Safety

We gripe that "experts" are telling us how to raise our children. You have to have the most natural, most expensive kid bedding set because your child might be allergic to air. Even a discount kid bedding ensemble will usually protect against dust mites and allergens. We worry that our kids will slip and fall when they're jumping on the bed because the child bedding is too slippery. Just secure the comforter with clasps! Sometimes child safety can go overboard.

Discount child bedding doesn't mean it's unsafe--as long as it doesn't unravel or tear when your child uses a sheet to scare her older brother, you've bought quality kid bedding. And as long as it's a fitted sheet, it won't slip off during the night. As long as you've bought high thread count (200 to 600) child bedding, you don't need to worry about extra blankets suffocating your child--although an extra pillow placed on the side of the bed will prevent that restless wrestling champ from falling off the bed.

That said, if your child gets a rash after sleeping in that thick snuggly wool kid bedding, you might have the problem (wool child bedding can shrink, so be especially careful if you select that discount kid bedding wool ensemble). You don't have to have a laissez-faire attitude towards your kids' toys, friends, or even bedding, but don't go overboard!



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