Choosing a Kid Bedding Theme

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How do I choose a theme for my kids' bedding?

Choosing a Kid Bedding Theme

Kids--today they're into Dora the Explorer, tomorrow sailboats and rocketships or famous scientists. While you might want them to be into Albert Einstein, decorating their bedrooms with E=mc2 and Albert's wild hair may inspire a rash of redecorating. Not everything in your kids' bedrooms has to match. After all, those rooms will be littered with art projects, crayon masterpieces, and yes, pictures of Einstein.

If you want a kid-pleasing kid bedding set that will last even though your child may like Blue's Clues today but prefer dinosaurs the next, try child bedding in a nature design with nature-inspired colors. Kids love bringing leaves home. Stencil leaf designs or use leaf wallpaper to coordinate with your discount child bedding. A discount kid bedding ensemble in a sailboat theme or car theme can be offset by a plain bed skirt and white walls--you can always try a mural or photos of boats and cars.

If you're set on an Einstein theme, try a funky black-and-white design a la your kids' drawings. Kid bedding doesn't have to be ultra-expensive. You want your child bedding, above all, to be comfortable and to give your kids the good nights's sleep they need to go out and dig dinosaur bones in the backyard or perform quantum physics experiments in the kitchen.



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