Toile Comforter Sets

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Are toile comforter sets outdated?

Toile Comforter Sets

Toile. Some decorating experts and Internet newsgroup posters think toile is on its way out along with the Southwestern look. If you're the type that wouldn't be caught dead in passe or dated clothing, you probably won't want a comforter set in toile. Too much toile fabric covering too many pieces. Too risky! Good news for you if you like the feel and look of a toile bedding comforter set. You can have those pastoral French country scenes when you buy a toile discount comforter set.

Most toile fabrics are typically plain, except for the style known as toile de Jouy. You can choose a toile-inspired luxury comforter set such as the Hepburn Collection, which looks as classy as Kate or Audrey. However, if you want a genuine toile comforter set made with engraved plates or rollers, don't observe the predictions of toile doom. Buy a high-quality high-thread-count luxury comforter set.

Your toile comforter set is usually reversible, so you can change the look to a solid color. Lastly, don't believe all the experts or everything you read on the Internet. Toile looks great and is easy to care for. Any bedding you want to spend a third of your life with is automatically "in." But, thank goodness, the Southwestern look is still dated.



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