Down Alternative Comforter Sets

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What is a down alternative comforter set?

Down Alternative Comforter Sets

You love the down decorative pillows and down comforter your husband bought for your birthday, but his comforter set is making you groan worse than his golf jokes. Your down bedding comforter set is hypoallergenic, but you're allergic to down, especially an overdose of it. You love the sleeping surrounded by soft cushiony down feathers.

Tell your hubby to exchange that down discount comforter set for a down alternative luxury comforter set. Polyfill in the pillows and comforter will ease your groans at night--even if your hubby asks you, "Have you heard the one about the rabbi and the priest at the eighteenth hole?" Soft fiber such as Egyptian cotton or microfiber will add to the luxurious feeling of your bedding comforter set, even if you're not sleeping on goosedown. With such a thoughtful husband, you can stand another ten years of bad jokes as long as your comforter set keeps you comfortable and sneeze-free.



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