Pre-Shrunk Bed Spreads

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Why should my discount bed spread be pre-shrunk?

Pre-Shrunk Bed Spreads

The ice caps have shrunk. Your free time has shrunk because you're leading rallies to prevent global warming. Shrinkage is a bad thing, right? Not if you're searching for a discount bed spread. When you're shopping at that environmentally friendly co-op where they make an African-patterned bed spread on which the price certainly hasn't been reduced, ask if your hand-quilted bed spread is pre-shrunk. If it's not, you might want to consider a wholesale bed spread--even though you're boycotting big retailers.

A pre-shrunk bed spread won't shrink in the wash when you're using your Energy Star appliance. If your discount bed spread or that African-patterned bed spread isn't pre-shrunk, you can lose two to three percent of the bed spread length and width when the bed spread dries. The spread won't fit properly, causing you to turn up the thermostat in the winter. You don't want to contribute to the energy crisis and to over-drilling! Do something great for the environment. Buy a pre-shrunk discount bed spread--retailers care about the planet too.



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