Bedspreads and Kids

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What kid of bedapread do I choose if I have small children?

Bedspreads and Kids

Kids. You love 'em, but sometimes they can remind you of the joys of being shopping in the bedding store and not buying a wholesale bed spread that's easily cleanable or one that wouldn't cause you to go ballistic if it were ruined. Still, life in that bed would be pretty empty without bedtime stories and pajama parties.

You don't have to stow away your embroidered and quilted bedspreads or pass up that luxurious chenille bed spread on sale. Chenille is actually easy to clean. Wash it on the gentle slow cycle and let it dry on the line. As for a quilted bed spread, let your dry cleaner worry about the grape juice stain. Besides stains, you have to worry about normal kid physical activity. If your kids are jumping on your down discount bed spread, make sure that it's just the price that's discounted, and not the quality.

A well-quilted down bed spread has stitches eight to ten inches apart, so the down won't lose loft and get too lumpy or scattered when your eight-year-old does a Superman dive onto it. Ask your kids to help you fluff after they jump. If this is "Mom's good quilted bed spread," they'll probably leap even faster to help you shake that bed spread! If you've taught your kids to respect your bedroom, they might surprise you and make the bed themselves just when you've reached your boiling point. The joys of parenthood!



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