Down Comforter vs. Bed Spreads

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I have a luxurious down comforter, do I need a bed spread?

Down Comforter vs. Bed Spreads

The blogger Skrocki humorously writes that when shopping with her grandmother, "The bedspread vs comforter debate felt much like a licensed software vs open source debate." She considers bedspreads obsolete and prefers to stick with her down comforter, whereas her grandmother insists on a quilted bed spread.

Unlike software, you can actually have both a bed spread and a down comforter if you so desire. The reasonable price of a discount bed spread makes it easy to invest in a high-quality down comforter too. The latest trend in bedding is layers. Just make sure the bedspread isn't too heavy, such as a quilted bed spread. Instead, opt for a chenille bed spread, especially if you're sleeping with someone who is always too hot while you're too cold. That heated debate never gets resolved, even in cars with climate-controlled seats!

If you love a down comforter, hate a bed spread, but want the jazzy colors or intricate quilting of that discount bed spread or wholesale bed spread you've been admiring, choose a down comforter duvet cover in those same colors or elaborate patterns. You should opt for a duvet cover anyway. The advantage of having a down comforter is that all you do is fluff in the morning if you want to make the bed! You and Sprocki may never get your relatives to agree with you about your down comforter versus a discount chenille bed spread, but luckily, unlike the open source vs. licensing debate, you have alternatives.



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