How Many Bed Sheet Sets?

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How many bed sheet sets should I buy per bed?

How Many Bed Sheet Sets?

You have extra umbrellas, extra napkins...aren't you overdoing it with an extra bed sheet set? Not at all. You choose a high quality percale or linen discount bed sheet set. The thread count and the deep pockets will make your bed sheet set last for years, especially since you got a discount designer bed sheet set.

However, bedding experts recommend you buy three discount designer bed sheet sets or discount luxury bed sheet sets. Keeping your discount bed sheet sets fresh will make your bed more comfortable. With a three-bedroom house, you might think you can't afford three designer bed sheet sets. Don't skimp on the price. After all, you buy umbrellas and napkins in bulk, right? You can afford to splurge, especially on bed sheet sets for the guest room.

Kids' bed sheet sets are inexpensive, and you can buy one plain bed sheet set in adddition to the Toy Story discount bed sheet set. Store bed sheets in airtight space saver bags or mesh bags to prevent mildew, mold and allergens from seeping in. Luckily, you bought extra space saver bags too. Doesn't it feel great to be well prepared?



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