Best Pillowcases For Down Pillows

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What kinds of pillowcases should I choose for down pillows?

Best Pillowcases For Down Pillows

Walk into a Bed, Bath and Beyond or Linens-N-Things. How do you choose pillowcases in the bedding department? Egyptian cotton, satin, hotel-quality? But your typical shoppers' agony is multiplied like people in the Bed, Bath and Beyond check-out line who have 20% off coupons. How do you choose a pillow case for your bed pillow? Some tips to ease your shopping anxiety:

  • Buy softer hypoallergenic pillow cases--don't be afraid to spend more, especially if you have that coupon. Cheaper pillow cases aren't as comfortable and tend to "balloon" your down pillow.
  • Purchase high-quality high-thread-count (310 and above) pillow covers and pillow cases. Pillow covers, which are often zippered, fit under pillow cases. Both will protect your down pillow from allergens and dust. The higher quality the pillow cover and pillow case, the longer the bed pillow lasts.
  • For that Queen or Jumbo down pillow, choose a standard pillowcase. It won't squish the down pillow loft, so your pillow form stays lofty and luxurious.
  • You can buy a pillow case for a down body pillow too.

It's wise to choose a pillow case made by the manufacturer of the body pillow. Now that you've selected the pirfect pillow case for that pillow form, you can get back to deciding whether you'll buy the Osterizer Juicer at Bed, Bath and beyond or opt for the Waring Pro Juicer. Then you have to check out the bargains at Linens -N- Things. A shopper's work is never done!



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