Cleaning Duvet Covers

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How do I keep duvet covers clean?

Cleaning Duvet Covers

It's typical: You buy a discount duvet comforter cover because you want to keep your luxury comforter clean--but what happens when you spill that red wine on your duvet comforter cover?

Our advice:

  • Don't drink red wine in the bedroom!
  • If the stain is extensive, have your down comforter duvet cover professionally cleaned.
  • If the stain has seeped through, launder your duvet comforter with mild detergent and front-loading washers and dryers.
  • If it's just one stain, spot-clean the red wine with table salt and cold water or with club soda.

If the cover is part of a duvet comforter set and it's stained beyond repair, toss it and see if you can find a replacement down comforter duvet cover, or one of similar quality, from the manufacturer. After all, your goal is to protect your duvet comforter. Keep your duvet comforter cover covered too. Save the red wine for the dining room.



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