Siberian White Goose Down a Fake?

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Is Siberian white goose down genuine?

Siberian White Goose Down a Fake?

Fake fat, fake creamer, and now fake Siberian white goose down comforters? White Siberian goose down is the most highly prized filling for goose comforters. But now the Down Association of Canada says that Siberian goose down is actually a trade name. The Down Association of Canada plus other bedding experts argue that the actual Siberian goose doesn't look or quack like a duck, er, goose down comforter. The Siberian Goose is a protected species that, according to a Highlights Magazine picture, flaunts red and black plumage--hardly the pristine white color for a white goose down comforter.

There is a white-fronted goose with grey plumage that breeds in Siberia, but that type of goose would be suited to a grey goose down comforter. The Down Association of Canada published an anonymous statement from "a major supplier of 'Siberian Down'" in which the supplier admitted the trade name is specious. "Siberian Down" may come from a variety of countries. The Down Association of Canada's conclusion: No one can verify actual Siberian Down, so the term is an empty marketing label any seller of white goose down comforters can use.

Marketing hype is everywhere--look at the way talentless William Hung achieved dubious fame after a spectacular failure and Simon Cowell excoriation on "American Idol." But unlike William Hung, Siberian white goose down comforters are everywhere and in demand. If you order a Siberian goose comforter, see if it has a zipper and unzip it to look at the down. Or do the "squeeze" test to verify that the down is high quality. Perhaps you're better off avoiding the risk of fake products and choosing Hungarian or Canadian goose comforters.



8/28/2011 9:11:52 PM
Jim said:

Not a helpful tip. Most comforter claims are bogus and most Hungarian comforters are equally fake (real Hungarian goose down is good, but if it's selling for $199 it ain't real, I guarantee it. It's not about "choosing" Hungarian over Siberian; it's about finding a reputable seller.


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