Denim Comforter

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Is denim a good material for my comforter?

Denim Comforter

You put a limit on your kids when it comes to wearing blue jeans, but your kids want a denim kid comforter. It's not a case of too much of a good thing. We've actually seen a sectional sofa in denim. If denim can go in your living room, it can go in your kids' bedrooms, or in your bedroom.

Your typical denim bed spread and comforter is durable, with a cotton denim front and polyester fill, as well as a polyester/cotton backing. A denim comforter typically doesn't contain goosedown, so if you want a down comforter with denim, try a denim duvet cover. Any chance that your teens will want to rip the knees out of this bed comforter? Not a chance. Denim looks too cool in your children's bedrooms--especially when you buy a NFL denim comforter for your yougn football fan. If your hubby wants the denim footbal bedding comforter, he'll have to sleep in the kids' rooms. In fact, you might want to sleep under the denim comforter. It feels just like your favorite pair of blue jeans.

Hand wash or machine wash your denim comforter with gentle detergent the way you would blue jeans, but wash it by itself and air dry. Your kids now wear khakis or corduroy to school. They've stopped wearing jeans 24/7. The only drawback: They're spending too much time in their rooms. But then again, you're crazy about your denim bedding comforter and sectional sofa!



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