Types of Bedding

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What are some name brand comforters?

Types of Bedding

Goose down used in duvets and comforters and name brand comforters is collected from geese raised all around the world. Among the finest is Hutterite goose down from Alberta, Canada. Siberia produces another excellent, very dense variety of goose down. Poor to high quality down is collected in Asia. Luxury down comforters boasting high quality goose down can be found at a discount online.



1/18/2009 6:17:27 PM
Pete said:

Siberia does NOT produce goose down. Siberian Down is only a trade name

9/16/2011 6:40:07 PM
James said:

There is no such thing as Siberian goose down...it was created as a marketing ploy. Geese cannot survive the climate in Siberia.


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