Dorm Sheets Could Be The Difference!

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Dorm Sheets Could Be The Difference!

One of the most exciting times in the life of an eighteen year old is the preparation for college. If the future scholar is lucky they will get to experience a new type of living called dorm life, and dorm sheets could be the difference.

While most college students and their families spend many hours planning and preparing for this rite of passage most do not give a second thought to dorm sheets.

While it is easy to just grab some old sheets from your mom’s linen closet, wouldn’t it be better to have new, crisp, and untouched dorm sheets for your bed? There is no better feeling than lying down on fresh sheets after a long day of work in academia.

When selecting a new set of dorm sheets the first thing the college students need to know is the size of the bed. Once you know the size of the bed the excited collegiate will more than likely find themselves in the bedding isle looking at a large amount of potential dorm sheets with many different specifications.

This is where the difference between sleeping on gritty rough dorm sheets and soft as a baby’s bottom dorm sheets occurs. To this end you must understand that what separates the different choices of dorm sheets is the thread count. Selecting the highest thread count will guarantee a good night’s sleep and the softest place to rest your head.

So while most parents will spend many hours shopping for lap tops and mini fridges, the parent who wants the best for their child will help them select the highest thread count dorm sheets that can be found.



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