Tips When Buying Adjustable Bed Sheets

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Tips When Buying Adjustable Bed Sheets

Enjoying the adjustable bed you have just bought is like a dream come true. With all the new features, waiting to use it is hard. After putting your standard sheets on your new bed and adjusting it, the sheets kept coming off. Buying adjustable bed sheets is the way to go. The tips below should really help you get an idea on what to look for when shopping for your new adjustable bed sheets.

While purchasing your adjustable bed, make sure you write down the size of the adjustable bed sheets. The size may vary from your standard size sheets. Their thread count is the same as with standard sheets. The higher the thread count, the softer they feel.
When checking out the fitted adjustable bed sheets, there are some differences. For them to stay on the bed properly, there should be extra fabric on the sides of the sheet. This helps the sheet to pull tighter around the bed while it is adjusted. Look for elastic around the corners. The elastic grabs the corners so they will stay on tight. The fabric on most standard sheets are usually just gathered at each corner.
Many places will make the end of flat sheets fitted so they can stay on the end of the bed. They can also sew the ends of the flat and fitted adjustable bed sheets together to keep the flat sheet secure.

With these tips, feel at ease and enjoy your shopping trip.


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