What Are Bed Sheet Straps?

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What Are Bed Sheet Straps?

Very simply put, bed sheet straps are the things that attach to the fitted sheet at the four corners of a bed so that the sheet will not come loose and slip off.

Bed suspenders look like a great big “X” on the underside of your mattress with clips or hooks on each end (An example of what it looks like-a child wearing suspenders to hold their pants up. There is that crisscross on their back.) After your fitted sheet is placed on the bed, pull up each corner just enough to grab hold of the end of the suspender that has the hook on it and attach it to your sheet corner. This will keep the sheet secure. Bed clips attach to each of the end corners of the bed, holding the sheet secure. Grabbers have a piece of elastic about three inches long and at the end they have a clip. The clips attach underneath the bed corners pulling the sheet tight.



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