Snazzy and Safe Dorm Room Accessories

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Snazzy and Safe Dorm Room Accessories

Moving to college can be fun! Here are a few things to consider before purchasing dorm room accessories that will help you create a safe and comfortable living space:

1. Find out as much as you can about your room. Will you be sharing it with one, two, or more roommates? How much storage will you have? What kind of sleep space? Getting answers to these questions will help you pick out the right size bedding as well as prevent you from purchasing too many large items.

2. Next, connect with your new roommates to work on a color scheme. Originality is great, but you want dorm room accessories that won't clash. Call or visit the school to find out about wall and floor colors, connect with your new roomies to decide who will bring what, and pick your color!

3. Check the campus bookstore or student center; many colleges and universities now have move-in sales for dorm room accessories, computers, and other items.

4. While you are checking the bookstore or student center, you may want to walk in to the campus safety office. There you will find out if you are permitted to have a microwave or other electronic items. Remember: safety first.

These tips will help you create a snazzy and safe dorm room!



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