Choosing the Right College Sheets for Your Dorm Bedding

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Choosing the Right College Sheets for Your Dorm Bedding

When it comes time to go off to college the last thing most students think about is their bedding. I mean what a weird thing to consider. But hey, it is important…

Your bedding is a big issue while away at college. One thing you really need to think about is your sheets. Your sheets are what you will snuggle up to each night and what will need washing, hopefully on a weekly basis. You comforter or bedspread won't need as much cleaning if you use a good sheet set each night. You will want to choose college sheets that are of high quality. The higher the thread count the more comfortable you will be. Keep in mind that polyester sheets don't wrinkle and that flannel sheets are great for a drafty and cold dorm room.

Have fun choosing your sheets. They come in all colors, designs and styles. They even most likely have your Mascot stamped on college sheets somewhere. Make sure you take the time to find sheets that are cozy, priced right, easy to take care, of and reflect you. It may seem crazy, but having great college sheets are a smart idea.



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