Down Bedding Looks Flat

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When does down bedding look flat and dull?

Down Bedding Looks Flat

Down bedding dull and flat? Yes, even the fluffiest down comforter and bedding can make visions of flannel dance in your head. It may be the luxury down bedding cover or the fabric color. Some tips to prevent your discount down bedding from being as unexciting as shaving lather:

  • If you have monochrome black or cream or bland white, invest in a rich cranberry throw and re-cover your pillows with cranberry. How about cranberry sheets?
  • Goose down bedding looking as lumpy and unappealing as your mashed potatoes? Southern Living suggests a quilted coverlet on top of the bed and piling the down bedding comforter in thirds at the foot.
  • You can never have too many pillows! Pile uniformly firm or fluffy pillows in coordinated colors across your down comforter and bedding.
  • Try a chenille fuschia throw and fuschia silk duvet cover with cream sheets to brighten up your goose down bedding.
  • Don't forget to keep fluffing every day! When all else fails, fall back on flannel.



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