Matching Down Bedding Types

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Do types of down bedding have to match?

Matching Down Bedding Types

You're known for mismatch--crystal champagne flutes with earthenware bowls. So you think that buying discount down bedding, throw pillows and down pillows, to match your high quality luxury down bedding comforter, will work equally well. Actually, either strategy screams for a Queer Eye For the Straight Girl/Guy makeover. Hungarian or Siberian goose down bedding shouldn't be paired with synthetic down bedding or down bedding that doesn't have identical construction or fill weight.

A small-panel down comforter and bedding should be uniform, as should large-panel luxury down bedding. Call us purists, call us fussbudgets, but if you have down bedding pieces that don't match, you may not get that all-around fluffy sense. Don't buy luxury or discount down bedding with young goose feathers and then add better quality mature goose down bedding.

Half your down bedding ensemble will wear out and look incongruous. Sell that other down bedding ensemble and buy a complete luxury discount down bedding set. While we agree champagne goes with everything, presentation is most important, so buy the most complete down comforter and bedding set you can.



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