Black Down Comforters

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How does a black down comforter compare to other down comforters?

Black Down Comforters

Black is so slimming. Little black dresses, black workout wear...and black down comforter sets? You might think that a black down comforter, unlike a blue down comforter, is a risky investment. The white comforter down might make the black lining look like a blizzard. Not to worry. Your high-quality goose down will have enough loft and fluff up enough that it won't stick to the lining.

If you're worried about a salt-and-pepper effect should feathers poke through the down comforter cover, black microsuede down comforter sets reduce the chances to slim or none. A black down comforter cover makes the down comforter, no matter how thick, look streamlined and elegant, like your favorite little black dress...which you toss at the foot of the bed after an energetic evening and can't find after it gets tangled up with your black down comforter. The price you pay to look svelte!



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