The Queen Has Spoken

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What should I look for in an oversized queen down comforter?

The Queen Has Spoken

Answer this quiz. A luxury gorgeous oversized queen is: a) Latifah in her red dress at the Emmys b) Elton John in Armani at the Grammys c) A white down comforter for a huge bed If you answered either a or b, we understand. But the correct answer is c. An oversized queen down comforter is a thing of beauty and joy. And since you're queen of the household, you want one for your master bedroom. A twin down comforter? Forget it. A full size down comforter might do. A down comforter king emphatically won't do. Only a queen oversized down comforter will do.

A full size down comforter is the same as a queen (90" X 88"), but meant for a double bed. Your silk-sheeted masterpiece is no mere double bed. You need a grand oversized down comforter with a boxed border to boost the loft so that even though it drapes over the sides of your bed like a royal robe, it never feels bulky. There's a difference between being grand and ridiculous. Elton and Latifah are most definitely grand, and so is your oversized queen down comforter. Long live the queen!



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