Twin Oversized Down Comforter

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What's the right size for a twin oversized comforter?

Twin Oversized Down Comforter

Twin beds. Just the words bring up images of college dorms, childhood bunk beds and hotel beds. Actually, in college you have X-Long Twin. You hate the summer camp image of twin and bunk beds. You want a luxurious oversized down comforter to burrow in when someone dangles a frog at you or, if you're in college, plays acid rock music too loudly.

Can you buy an oversized twin down comforter, or is super-sizing just reserved for a queen down comforter or king down comforter? Your average college dorm size down comforter or oversized down comforter (60" x 96") will fit a 39" x 80" mattress, and your oversized twin down comforter (72' x 90") won't drown your 38" x 75" twin mattress.

If you have bunk beds, your oversized down comforter may dangle in your bunkmate's face--tuck it under the mattress, or better yet, offer to sleep in the bottom bunk. If you want to win brownie points, buy your roommie an oversized down comforter. You can bet that acid rock won't be so loud any more. Maybe twin beds aren't so horrible after all.



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