Oversized Down Comforter Care

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How do I care for an oversized down comforter?

Oversized Down Comforter Care

You have enough difficulty washing your family's oversized laundry loads--especially when no one bothers to sort the lights from the darks. How will you wash an oversized down comforter? That oversized down comforter king (107" x 96") or full/queen down comforter (88" x 96") with extra loft and larger panels may not fit comfortably in your Maytag. You'll need to make a run to a laundromat with oversized front-loading washing machines to clean your king down comforter or twin down comforter. Bring a tennis ball and dry it in an oversized front-loading dryer. While you're waiting at the laundromat, bring books and magazines. Catch up on the reading you never get a chance to do at home because of laundry demands!



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