Chinese White Goose Down

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Is Chinese white goose down worthwhile?

Chinese White Goose Down

You've heard about "the China revolution" in the stock market, the bond market and the consumer market. Add goose down to the list of Chinese entry into global trades. Chinese goose comforters now compete with Siberian, Hungarian, Polish and other European as well as Canadian grey goose down comforters or white goose down comforters. We counted no less than fifteen Chinese companies that supply grey or white goose down for your goose down comforter.

hinese silk makes the most luxurious silk comforters. Should you surrender to the Chinese white goose down comforter revolution? It's worth noting that Siberian, Hungarian and Canadian white goose comforters are still considered the best. And the good ol' USA keeps its hand in with Hypodown, a semi-synthetic hypoallergenic hybrid goose comforter with Syriaca fiber. Hypodown is produced in Nebraska.

If you choose to go for take-out Chinese, remember that down harvesting, sorting, sanitizing and quality standards for white goose down comforters aren't as regulated as they are in Europe or even Siberia--one or two critics have even said that there is no such thing as "Siberian goose down" and that most of the world's goose down comes from China. Just as when you order any unknown product, do a little research. In the meantime, buy a China mutual fund.



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