Closeout Sales--Don't Close Them Out

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Does a closeout down comforter sale necessarily mean low quality?

Closeout Sales--Don't Close Them Out

You subscribe to the theory that only fools buy wholesale or closeout on big-ticket or high-quality items. Meanwhile, you just maxed out your third credit card. Here's a hint, moneybags: take advantage of that down comforter sale at closeout prices, or show that retailer that regularly offers discount down comforters...every day.

You can usually test for low quality, but if a cheap down comforter, regularly $200, is $59.99, you can put the difference in the bank and use it to pay off your credit card bills. You can even buy a 550 fill power lightweight cheap down comforter, so it's light on your wallet. Your discount down comforter will help you sleep even though you're plagued by nightmares of creditors. You might even draw up a budget now that you've learned the joys of shopping on sale!



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