Cheap Down Comforter, Not Hypoallergenic, Don't Bother

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Should I get a cheap down comforter that's not hypoallergenic?

Cheap Down Comforter, Not Hypoallergenic, Don't Bother

You scored a down comforter for $80 at a down comforter sale. You're thrilled--or at least you could be if you weren't sneezing and rushing out of bed every five minutes. You haven't been able to enjoy your cheap down comforter. Many hypoallergenic down comforters aren't cheap, and not all cheap down comforters are hypoallergenic.

Alexandra Jordan, for example, offers discount down comforters that keep out the dust mites and allergens. But if you absolutely must buy a discount down comforter that doesn't have allergy control, at least use a hypoallergenic duvet cover, with an extra encasing cover between your cheap down comforter and your duvet cover.

Still, hypoallergenic measures may not prevent the sneezing, and you don't want to spend your down comforter sale savings on Benadryl. It's best to pay a little more to safeguard your health.



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