Least Expensive Goose Down Comforter

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Should I buy a discount down comforter with cheap goosedown?

Least Expensive Goose Down Comforter

You're so tired of shopping for a goose down comforter sale that you're tempted to fly north and pluck Canadian geese or Norwegian geese. Before you use up your frequent flyer miles, you want to investigate less-expensive goosedown that goes into quality discount down comforters. Siberian goosedown, Canadian Hutterite goosedown, and eiderdown are supposed to be the most luxurious and expensive types of goosedown, especially with 900 fill power.

Be warned before you settle. Less expensive goosedown in cheap down comforters usually comes from anywhere. The feathers are immature, smaller and weaker. They don't provide as much loft, even if the cheap down comforter boasts 800 fill power. Because the feathers are weaker, they don't last as long or provide as much warms, so you'll be on that plane looking for a V-formation of geese within a few years. Don't settle when it comes to discount down comforters.

The key is to wait for a down comforter sale or buy, say, a 420 fill power discount down comforter, although many bedding experts advocate at least a 550 fill power comforter. You can compensate for a lower fill power with a higher thread count (400 to 800). Still, you're mainly buying a down comforter for the warmth of the goosedown, so it comes back to waiting for the right cheap down comforter. If all else fails, you can down a parka and chase Canadian geese.



3/19/2009 8:36:44 PM
Claudia said:

There is no such thing as genuine Siberian goose down (as a specie of down). It is marketing hype. There are no geese indigenous to Siberia because they cannot withstand the weather. There is an island where there is one specie of grey goose, but it is protected by law against hunting or being disturbed by "down hunters." ...and it would be gray...not white. Reference to Siberian goose down is strictly marketing hype. It leads ones imagination to think of fat, fluffy geese that must withstand rugged Russian weather! Nah! The only goose in Russia is red and black. So, if you see a reference to "wonderful Siberian goose down," just think "this is a company selling...not down, but HYPE!"


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